Our DocYOUmentaries


Here are excerpts from two very different examples of our DocYOUmentary films.

This DocYOUmentary is about Hollywood actor Zack Norman. It chronicles his personal and his professional life, and includes interviews with friends, colleagues and family members. (Excerpts are shown here with Zack's permission.)

This DocYOUmentary is about Robert Goheen, the former president of Princeton University. It is devoted exclusively to his presidency at Princeton. With the exception of the narrator, the only person telling his story is Dr. Goheen. (Excerpts are shown here with Princeton's permission.)


Recent Television Work


Here are a few clips from No Day For Games: The Cowboys and JFK, which was produced for NBC Sports as a Bob Costas Special. It aired on the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination and examined how the Dallas Cowboys experienced the weekend following his murder.